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Saritsa Foundation advocates People Centered, People Led and People Owned process of Disaster Risk Reduction. It prepares Women, Girls, Children, Persons with Disability, Youth, Common Citizens, Hospitals and Primary Health Centers to develop Survival Skills at local level in India.

Colonel N M Verma
Director General


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to Saritsa Foundation’s Website. Your smallest interest in our endeavors strengthens us. Saritsa Foundation was borne on 05 June 2000. It has its National Headquarter at Mumbai, India. It has Directorates in 17 states of India for campaigning for its mission. It is a “Mobile University” for Disasters Risk Reduction and minimizing effects of climate change.

Saritsa Foundation empowers communities to reduce risks from disasters and impacts of climate change. It raises awareness, educates and trains peoples, especially, school children, women, youth, disabled and the poor including citizens who are most vulnerable and have little access to capacity building education and training at grass root level. It is a National NGO with international dimensions.

Saritsa Foundation prepares people as a “Mobile University” and reaches to them with its team of experts at villages, towns and cities in remotest areas of India and translates the ideals of Hyogo Frame Work of Action into reality and recognizes inter connectivity of climate change, disasters and development.

Saritsa Foundation has been distinctively appreciated for its endeavors by Mr. Salvano Briceno, Director, United Nations - International Strategy for Disaster Reduction time to time for addressing multidimensional threats of natural and man made disasters including environmental degradation and climate change.

Equipping and empowering citizens of the nation to cope with natural and man made disasters is an important dimension of ‘National Security’ It inspires me to share with you that Saritsa Foundation identifies an important role of “People’s Partnership Power” for developing "Safety Culture".

It also envisages a paradigm shift in the prevailing methodology of capacity building which trickles down from “Top to Bottom” to an approach to “Bottom Upwards” where millions of people are vulnerable at the base of pyramid.

Saritsa Foundation’s first priority is to build capacity of the most needy and vulnerable to save their lives and means of livelihood

Thanking you with good wishes

Yours Sincerely,
Colonel N M Verma